the Bacteria


Inventory Examination of the systems

According to the law, the operator has to take precautions. For this it is necessary that the drinking water system and endangered areas are examined at regular intervals. This also includes the showers and other water delivery points in the house, especially in commercial buildings such as hotels.


This is possible with so-called quick checks. Water samples are taken from a number of places in the house and analyzed in the laboratory. The results are available within a few days and you can react immediately in the event of contamination. This obligation also applies to ventilation and air conditioning systems and all areas that are particularly at risk.


Assessment and creation of the status

If the quick check reveals contamination, the system must be sampled across the board.


The result is presented in a report. This creates the status quo. At the same time, the measures to be taken to eliminate the problems, i.e. contamination, are determined in the report.

Sanitation and Sterilization Measures

According to the action plan, emergency measures are taken immediately.


In the case of drinking or hot water systems, special disinfection and rinsing of the system takes place (further details in the catalog of services).


Mechanical cleaning, special cleaning and sterilization as well as special disinfection are carried out for ventilation and air conditioning systems (more details in the catalog of services).

Ongoing Hygiene Measures and Quality Manual

Hygiene measures must be carried out regularly and properly. This involves the proper operational management of drinking water systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, kitchen and storage areas, rooms and bathrooms, pool and wellness areas, and so on.


Any owner or operator can be represented by a professional. It is possible to determine the ongoing measures and also to monitor the quality within the framework of an individually developed quality manual.